...where two souls finally find forever together

New Release

Releasing 09/17/2017


​​Dante is a fun, playful guy who has never been serious about relationships. It's more fun to love 'em and leave 'em screaming his name, a mantra he has stuck to his entire adult life. Then he meets Ava, the hardheaded, no-nonsense businesswoman who captivates him on their first meeting. The push and pull between the two make for an interesting rollercoaster ride of emotions as they discover that, despite the pull, it's really the push that is bringing them together. ~ Gun  Point Crush


In this third and final book, we are introduced to the youngest Solis brother, Dante. Young and carefree, he vowed to remain carefree. And single. Ha! Enter Ava. She throws a monkey wrench into those plans. To get there though they both have insecurities to work through. If you thought Dante's brothers were hot then you haven't met Dante. He is hotter than the Miami heat their club is located in. This book is sizzle with a capital S!! And for me the hottest brother yet! ~ Donna McCoy
This novel takes you on an emotional journey of the last Solis brother, Dante, as he figures out that life is not always better as a bachelor. When Ava walks into the club for a meeting sparks instantly fly and the chemistry ignites. But will Dante's jokester attitude push Ava away or will the compassion he shows her during her time of need make him into the man for her? With strong characters and an emotional storyline, CM Lally makes her readers feel like they are part of the book. The ending Epilogues put the finishing touch on all three stories - this was romance at its best.
​~ Nicki