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Meet CM​​

Tidbits (I'm not that interesting!):
Born:  ("We are Marshall") Huntington, West Virginia
Hometown:  "Censor"nati, Ohio;  home of the Bungles football team
What I wanted to be when I grew up:  Anything, but poor; or bored; or lazy.
Longest-standing hobby:  Reading books and giving solo car concerts

Personality typing:  Myers-Briggs ISFJ (“The Defender”) 
Favorite Book:  Gone With the Wind
Favorite Color:  Red
If I could have a superpower:  It would be the ability to teleport
Most annoying habit: 
Singing every song that I know on the radio

Life's philosophy:  Do me wrong and I'll do you even worse; do me right and I'll do you even better.
Biggest fear: Heights and never being truly loved
My mind is a dangerous place. It's full of junk with cobwebs, but that junk can certainly tell you a story.
I love talking and am not afraid to engage first, but I usually don't. 
I love to make people laugh, but it's usually through very improper conversations. 
I'm a work-a-holic. 
I'm a perfectionist. 
I'm a 'do it before you complain' kind of person. 
I'm a 'there is no try, but do' kind of person.
I believe actions speak volumes over words.
I believe you should always tell people how you truly feel. I've lost many "friends" over this. As an author, it's imperative that readers give us honest insight.
I truly believe in DREAM BIG!
I also truly believe in growing your circle.
I do my best to learn from other's mistakes, but that doesn't stop me from making my own.
I think everyone has a talent, and I know mine is not being graphically artistic.
I strive to be the best ME I can be. Most days I fail, but that's because I'm only human.
I don't like to cry.
I don't like to go shopping.
I want more than anything to eliminate fat calories and burn my energy as efficiently as a new car.
I want peace on Earth because after all, God made us in his likeness. So what are we fighting over?
Lastly, I want everyone to find their true love and live life to it's fullest knowing their soul mate has their back.

Favorite Romance Quotes: